Breast Augmentation - Augmentasyon Mamoplasty

Breast Augmentation - Augmentasyon Mamoplasty

Small breasts, shrinking breasts and breasts damaged by post-natal circumstances or illness are the most common reasons for patients to seek breast enlargement. Sometimes a personal sense of aesthetics plays a role in the desire for fuller, larger breasts and augmentation may be performed even if the size and shape of the breasts are within the normal range. You should discuss your desired outcome with your surgeon prior to obtaining this procedure to ensure aesthetic sensibilities match.

Since the beginning of 1960's silicone prostheses have been used for breast augmentation surgery. The outer envelope of the implants is comprised of silicone. Filling inside of the silicone shell can also be silicone or, in some cases, saline. Both fillers have withstood the test of time and are safe, healthy options for breast enlargement.

The shape and size of the implants will depend on the patient's tissue, the doctor's sensibility and the patient's desired result. A small incision behind the muscle tissue is made, the implants are placed and the incision is closed. The incision is made at the periphery of the inferior side of the areola or underneath the breast itself (submammary-inframammary fold or crease). Patients may go home from the hospital the same day or stay in the hospital overnight. A sports bra will need to be worn for a few days after the surgery. Heavy work such as lifting, straining or intense exercised must not be done for approximately one and a half months following the surgery.

There is not a risk that breast implants may restrict the milk ducts preventing future breast-feeding especially in the submammary crease approaches.

Body capsule formation, or scar tissue around the breast implant, may occur in some people. Capsule formation occurs when the body in response to foreign objects, i.e., the breast implant, creates tightly woven collagen fibers. This is a condition that causes stiffness and pain and may cause the implant to change shape. Massage may be necessary, or in the worst case the implant may have to be removed.