Sagging abdominal skin is more prominent in patients who have given birth. Weight problems also can contribute to the undesired sag of abdominal skin and/or excess fat in this region. Physical exercise such as cardio fitness and physical training can help the patient with weight loss but the body shape may not change. Uneven distribution of weight caused by excessive abdominal skin and/or fat creates a problem. For example, patients need to change their natural body because it is difficult to find appropriate clothing. People suffer from their self-image. Abdominoplasty does not correct stretch marks, although these may be improved if they are located on the areas of excess skin that will be removed.

Abdominoplasty can help a patient become the right weight and size. This surgery is recommended for patients who do not plan to get pregnant after the operation. This surgery requires the patient to recover for two to three weeks.

Anesthesia is usually under an epidural. A horizontal incision is usually concealed under the bikini line. Fatty tissue is removed. Surgical creation of a new belly button is part of the abdominoplasty procedure. This requires a great deal of attention and skill of the surgeon. The weakened muscle tissue of the abdominal wall is tightened with permanent sutures. A one or two day hospital stay is required. Sitting in an inclined position for up to a week is recommended. An elastic bandage or brace should be worn for at least a week.

Sometimes, abdominal sagging can be resolved with a mini tummy tuck. In this case the belly button remains in place. This procedure limits the amount of excess skin that can be removed. According to the person's pain threshold, the first days after a tummy tuck surgery can be extremely painful. Pain medications are used in these first days after the surgery. Bleeding and infection rates are very low when precaution during healing is taken. Bad scarring or disappointing results can occur but is not usual. This surgery is done from time to time in obstetrics and gynecology or general surgery. This is one of the most intense aesthetic surgeries. Avoiding cigarettes and staying healthy before the surgery lower risks. Even the best physician will warn patients of the risks associated with this surgery.