Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE
  • It is time consuming.
  • Some hair follicles can be damaged during graft harvesting. Hazard rate is reported to be between 2-20 %. Follicles that are buried too in deep in the tissues can cause cysts and infections.
  • It is a surgical procedure though falsely promoted as a non-surgical procedure. There is no suturing.
  • Grafts are taken from a large area of back and sides of the head. Risks of future baldness are higher. If grafts are taken from potentially bald area, then they will not be viable.
  • Total incisions lengths in the head are 20-40 times greater than FUT. These wounds are not sutured and healed secondarily. Cumulative scarring is much more than FUT. Patients cannot be shaved, so if large quantities of grafts are taken scars can be visible. In such situation pinpoint tattooing can be done. It can be repeated every 2-3 years.
  • It is more convenient in limited baldness areas (type 2,3).
  • It is more expensive

Since the grafts are taken from the patient’s own tissue, they are not rejected. After this operation we bandage the head for 48 hours. After removing the bandages we make sure that there are encrustations on the holes we drilled where roots are placed. They will disappear after one week. This is not especially painful and work can be resumed in a week. After two days the hair can be washed and daily the crusts disappear. After three months hair starts to grow and by the end of the eighth month, the result of the operation is apparent. After this time a second session may be performed to have more intense hair growth.

Recently so many hair transplantation centers have appeared. Hygiene in these facilities is generally less than adequate. Based on my experience I can confidently say 90% hair transplantation have bad results done by untrained “experts”. With a bad operation, the hair will seem unnatural because the scarring is obvious and the appearance of an unnatural direction of hair growth happens. Substandard hair surgeries result in scars, not only on the head but also on the part of the body where donor hair was taken.

I have treated poor prior surgeries with success. I have a high level of experience performing this surgery and I use state of the art techniques.