Frequently Asked Questions

Adequate support from the underlying cartilage and bone structure of the nose after the nose korunduktan does not crash. Surgical plaster leaving the next 6 months within a year, swelling and edema in the first image to come down as a result of changed a bit. At first upturned nose tip more visible. Over time, this angle is reduced. This is a process that is expected and normal. It is said the properties fall within the normal range. However, problems can arise in cases of defective applications or disability.

In some places from the practitioners themselves 'hair planting expert' give as presents, and business cards. Has not been established in such a specialized branch of the university and teaching hospitals. HEC also recognizes that there is a branch. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation. Who should be consulted for this is clear.

Recommended to wait until the age of 25. Person's psychological readiness, a more pronounced out of shape factors such as hair loss is important.

To decrease the number of cell thickening in the region would not be received again. If excess calories and weight gain patient indicates that other regions would be in the form of an increase in stable homogeneous.

Such a pathogenesis (cause and effect link-formation mechanism) saptanmamıştır.Liposakşının has defined the borders of a particular security. This is done by a specialist within the limits and be a good follow-up of fluid in a safe operation.

Structure of the incorruptible substances stab delinmedikçe prostheses. Latest products not seen in microscopic leak problems. Patients, there is no obstacle to travel by plane.

The back of the milk glands of the breast prostheses konduklarından do not harm people who have and do not create the problem of breast-feeding.

Harmony with the body of foreign substances is one of the best shows silicone material. Is not carcinogenic.

The technique, based on the size of the operation may damage the milk ducts. Breastfeeding is not declared warranty with the patients then became emzirebilen. The literature data of cases 1 / 3 'ü is breastfeed.

Usually yuvarlağından nipple incision down the steep trail is watching. Sometimes, the horizontal incision is made in the lower breast fold. This occurs in the inverted T shaped scar. These tracks do not appear in bra and low-cut dress, but even if were to join the permanency of the naked body becomes ambiguous fade over time in question. Brown skin marks on their skin may be a little more specific.

A new technique that does not mean better. FUE can be done in cases with less openness to scientific publications. Clarity should be preferred for larger areas FUT. FUE hair transplant clinics in our country almost all the served as the gold standard technique. There is no weight in this highly FUE'nin hair transplantation in the entire world applications. Those who want an international society of hair planting (ISHRS) may review reports on the web site. 2008 report 88% of the world FUT, FUE applied to 12%. Because the indications in cases of baldness (requirements) are put in place. FUE can be made small openings. Multi-FUT be more suitable openings. Physician is not the correct technical imposition of candidates. The physician called the patient wants to admit it even more wrong.